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Sizing Chart

All our clothing will fit men will extra long limbs.

If you are 6'6" - 7'3" these clothes are guaranteed to be long enough.

Our size is Extra Tall and fits most body types. If your super skinny, athletic or broad we will have something to fit. Our model: Peder is 6'10" and 100kgs. Athletic lean build and usually wears a 36inch (large waist)

Our descriptions on the products page will explain if a certain product works better for a certain body type. 

For Example: And our Chinos come in 32inch and 36inch waist but are the same length. Our long sleeve tops come in small (skinny) large (athletic/lean) 2XL (much broader in shoulders & chest usually weighing above 120kgs) 

However if you purchase something and it doesn't fit then return it with in 14 days and we will refund it.

We are a very transparent company. What you see on this website it exactly what you will get. No more having to ask shops what their longest shirt is.