5 MORE Reasons Being Tall is Awesome, written by Kamil from ARTOFTALL.COM

5 MORE Reasons Being Tall is Awesome, written by Kamil from ARTOFTALL.COM

Blog written by the amazing Kamil from - ARTOFTALL.COM 

A while back I posted an article titled “5 reasons being tall is awesome” (if you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here). Whilst that article listed what I consider to be the 5 best reasons why being tall is a blessing, they are far from all the reasons why being tall is awesome.

Thus, this article lists 5 MORE reasons why being tall is awesome.
If you are tall, I hope you are embracing your height to the full, if not I hope this article will inspire you to stand tall and proud.

1. You can reach most things


This one is pretty obvious. As a tall person you have long arms giving you a natural reach advantage.

Whether you’re at the super market reaching for that item on the top shelf or in an airplane storing your carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment you can comfortably reach everything; making those that sometimes ask for your help to reach things jealous.

Additionally, if you are lying on the couch you can generally reach more things around you without having to compromise your comfort.


2. You get to ride shotgun all the time


Being the tallest gives you automatic priority of riding in the front of any car you get into (not including the drivers seat, unless you are driving).

Generally, the smaller the car the greater the certainty you get to ride up front and the less reg room the person sitting behind you gets. I’ve tried to sit in the back of a few smaller cars and it just doesn’t work; my knees end up pressing into the seat and the back of the person sitting in front.

Also, if there are 5 people (including the driver) you will simply take up too much space in the back so the only logical place for you to sit is the front. Winning!


3. You can go on all the rides at a theme park

I don’t know about you but I love theme parks and roller coasters! Being tall grants you access to every ride out there as you will always be “tall enough” for the “you must be this tall to ride” sign.


4. You are unique


If you are tall you are most likely taller than the average height of people in the country in which you live. I’m 196 cm tall, living in Australia where the average height is 176 cm for men and 162 cm for women.

On average I’m 20-30 cm taller than most people. This means that I stand out wherever I go and very rarely do I see other people as tall as me thereby making me unique. This was most evident during a recent trip to Japan where 99% of the people were at least a head or more shorter than me.

I don’t know about you but I like being unique and standing out.

Normal is overrated.

5. You get your own day

How cool is that – tall people get their own day! Every year, February 11th is International Hug a Tall Person Day! There’s not many people that can say they have a day named after one of their attributes. Next February sit (or stand back) as people will flock to hug you!

If you are worried that you are too tall to be hugged, simply watch the video below and give your shorter friends tips on how they can hug you effectively. 


I hope by now you realise being tall is a blessing, not a curse. Instead of feeling out of place and embarrassed you should learn to embrace your height and enjoy many of the benefits that come with being tall.

Stand tall, be proud of your height and strive for greatness.


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I’m 197cm and live in Australia as well, I notice that its fairly rare to have people taller than you and it’s quite nice to see over everyone’s head.


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