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Beau Brown - 7FootVlogs  So if you're on Social Media you may have heard of a Big Fella named Beau! Beau has YouTube channel with currently over 300k subscribers!!! Well a while back he reviewed some of our clothes, it was awesome to get some feedback on our gear and see the big man in Doubs. We had a huge response from some of his loyal and TALL followers and getting our message out there, that yes we can dress TALL. We thought it might be nice to share the love and post the link to the video now that...

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A while back I posted an article titled “5 reasons being tall is awesome” (if you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here). Whilst that article listed what I consider to be the 5 best reasons why being tall is a blessing, they are far from all the reasons why being tall is awesome.

Thus, this article lists 5 MORE reasons why being tall is awesome.
If you are tall, I hope you are embracing your height to the full, if not I hope this article will inspire you to stand tall and proud.

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Whilst there is usually a lot of talk about “tall people problems” and many jokes and memes are made about the inconveniences of being tall, I want to point out that being tall is awesome and comes with many associated advantages and benefits.

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