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Where does a 7ft guy get clothes? - 7FootVlogs

Beau Brown - 7FootVlogs

 So if you're on Social Media you may have heard of a Big Fella named Beau!

Beau has YouTube channel with currently over 300k subscribers!!!

Well a while back he reviewed some of our clothes, it was awesome to get some feedback on our gear and see the big man in Doubs.

We had a huge response from some of his loyal and TALL followers and getting our message out there, that yes we can dress TALL.

We thought it might be nice to share the love and post the link to the video now that we have a Blog page, and also great for our customers to see a real person trying our clothes on (about 4 mins in)

He has some super funny and relatable Vlogs because at 7ft he totally gets TALL. 

Don't forget to subscribe to his channel and follow his socials to keep up to date with Beau.

Instagram: Big_Beau 


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