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JJ Stretch Jeans - Charcoal


Finally Jeans that stretch and move with the body.... that are also LONG enough. 

Made from elastase denim cotton so they're super soft, comfy and stretchy. 

Inseams 36", 38" 

These Jeans are only made for men up to 7ft. Our Blue and Black JJ Jeans have longer inseams for taller men. 

Preshrunk so they won't shrink in the wash

Whether you have skinny legs or tree trunks, these jeans will fit anybody shape or size. 

Just purchase your waist size, and leave a note in the checkout for your length. 

Model Jai is 6ft9 100kgs/225lbs wearing size 38/38 (38" waist / 38" inseam wanting a more relaxed look not tight fitting)

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