Loungewear Lounge Pants - Black

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Made from a thin tshirt cotton material for extreme comfort. The Black pairs have a stretch element within them (similar to stretchy bamboo in feel) 

Made 100% in Australia using Australian cotton

Joggers - Trackies with cuffs (for our Aussie Customers)

Lightweight, relaxed feel and look. 

5cm Thick elastic and black draw string.

Plenty of room to move, or sit, and lounge around BUT nice enough to actually leave the house in.

Available black, vintage black & platinum in 38" or 40" inseams

Sizes 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42", 44"

The joggers run very true to size and relaxed fit

Any other sizes or colours please send an email to request.

Model Peder: 6'10" (210cm), 100kgs (225lbs) wearing 36"Waist /38"Length

If you can't see your size online, please email doubsclothing@gmail.com because we have constant stock being made.


This look goes perfect with our Loungewear Long Sleeve